My online speech therapist gives professional answers to your questions

Every parent has concerns and issues, related to the development of its child. My online speech therapist is competent and ready to give professional answers. Here are some of the most common questions:

• Whether a child needs speech therapy help?

This can be detected after a certain age. Usually, this time is about a first year and the half when your child should already be making efforts and speaks. If after the second year your child is not spoken, you can contact with a speech therapist. There are some basic and easily recognizable speech disorders, which also require a visit to a specialist. When the child has trouble pronouncing with some of the consonants, you must start treatment. In many cases, it does not utters these sounds or replace them with others.

Another problem in children is limited, poor passive and active vocabulary. If you see that the child already speaks words without a problem but uses the same terms for different things, you should make a consultation with a speech therapist. Limited use of words is a serious obstacle to the complete communication, which can stress the child. When children are misunderstood and cannot express their thoughts and emotions, it can leave a deep impression in their minds for a lifetime. If your child talks with disturbances in the tempo, rhythm, and intonation, it needs professional help. This problem could take the form of stuttering, fast or otherwise unintelligible speech. Unclear pronunciation, the improper structure of words and improper form of sentences also are problems, which will not pass, without professional help. It is important to go to a specialist as early as possible because the speech disorders only will worsen.

• At what age can a child attend a speech therapist?

The period between 3 and seven years is most appropriate to conduct speech therapy, and then it would have a beneficial effect on the issues. This age is recommended not only in terms of language and speech development of the child, and also of all processes associated with mental maturation.

• How long does speech therapy?

Usually, achievement of positive results is associated with patience and persistence. The speech disorders are wrong habits. Replacing them with the right habits is a continuous process that should not be interrupted. The optimal minimum is a practice under the guidance of a speech therapist at least twice a week, and at home make the necessary exercises every day. The overcoming speech disorders in children are with permanent support from the parents. Only in this way can be achieved not only faster and more lasting results.

• Is there a connection between the speech defects and mental development?

Many parents worry that if their child has a speech impediment, may he also has a mental problem. In fact, it is necessary to evaluate the characteristics of development in each child.

It means that must explore the intellectual sphere, emotional and volitional, cognitive processes, personality, behavior, etc. The speech feature should be monitored for a longer period to diagnosis. Sometimes there is the only simple disorder of articulation over, which requires just a bit of work. In others, however, the impaired articulation is a secondary sign of other more serious misconduct. Then parents should seek the advice of professionals, other than speech therapist.