By | January 31, 2019

Libraries are often taken for granted with the belief that they will always be around to serve our needs. Ebooks may have helped narrow down the number of local residents going to the local Houston, Texas library, but the fact remains that libraries are a staple in our community. We need to let politicians know that these community staples are important to us and they deserve funding. Here are some ways you can help support your local library right now:

-It may seem rather obvious, but using your library and checking out books and media is a great way to show the government that they are needed. Leaving a paper trail is a bonus! When it comes time to vote on funding, if you get a library card or sign up for upcoming events, it sends the right message— libraries are needed even today!

-Show your support to your local library and help them curb their costs of upkeep by taking the time to volunteer. Even just a couple of hours a week can help keep your library out of debt and highly functional. Most people don’t even know that libraries accept volunteers! It’s a great way to expose yourself to new experiences while also supporting a great cause

-Most libraries have a Friends of the Library program. That means they either have active book sales or a permanent bookstore that helps fund library programs. It’s great if you can donate cash to your local library, but there’s a less costly way to help— donate your used books! Whether you choose to de-clutter your home or just want to donate to a cause, your used books help make programs a reality for your library. Plus, purchasing used books from your library can also make a difference!

-Be a loud and open supporter of your local library. When it comes time to vote on new legislations, make sure you’re there to vote in favor of support. Tell everyone you know how useful libraries are! Telling friends and family to check out a new book or DVD is a fantastic way to get more people interested in their local community.

Are libraries really a necessity in this day and age? Many people seem to be asking that question, but library lovers will always say YES, they are! Libraries aren’t just nostalgic, but they provide a wholesome learning environment and give people a place to meet new friends.